Transplant Library: One Place. All Evidence in Organ Transplantation!

The Transplant Library is developed by the “Peter Morris Center for Evidence in Transplantation” and provides access to all evidence-based publications on all aspects of organ transplantation.

Our international Expert Review Board contributes “Expert Reviews” for current clinical trials. These Reviews focus on the potential impact on current clinical practice, and highlight all Practice Changing Studies.

The Transplant Library also provides a Guideline Monitoring Service: all published Clinical Practice Guidelines are critically appraised according to AGREE II, which is recognized as the gold standard for evaluating the process of guideline development and the quality of reporting. Subscribers receive alerts when new guidelines and AGREE II assessments become available.

Transplant Library

The Transplant Library provides

  • Access to all evidence-based publications
    • Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs), which are critically appraised and receive a methodological quality score based on Jadad
    • Congress Abstracts from RCTs, not available in PubMed
    • Good quality Systematic Reviews
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines, all critically appraised using AGREE II
  • Expert Reviews: focus on the potential impact on current clinical practice
  • New publications receive a Clinical Impact Rating
  • Practice Changing Studies are highlighted
  • CET Conclusions: an assessment of the methodological quality and the main conclusions of the study
  • Personal Evidence Update: receive alerts for newly published articles based on your personal interest areas
  • Funding information: Industry Funded / Non-Industry Funded
  • Trial Registration information
  • Direct free access to Open Access articles (~900 and growing rapidly)


The Transplant Library database is widely recognized as a must-have resource for transplant professionals. It has been endorsed by many leading transplantation societies, including ESOT (the European Society for Organ Transplantation) and BTS (British Transplantation Society.

“In a recent review of facilities we offer to our members, the Council of the British Transplantation Society considered all the on-line services we currently provide or are associated with. There was unanimity that the Transplant Library was an extremely useful tool which we wish to continue to make available to our members. In the highly pressurised systems in which our members work – both the NHS and the UK university sector – access to advances in our field needs to be as easy as possible. We greatly value the access that the Transplant Library gives us.”

Professor Anthony Warrens, PresidentBritish Transplantation Society

“The Transplant Library represents an excellent resource for anyone involved in the field of transplantation. It is very easy to use, being intuitive in the way in which searches are performed. The aim of the Library is to promote the high quality papers within the field of transplantation and to spread knowledge of sound evidence base.”

Professor John Forsythe, PresidentESOT

“The Transplant Library is the definitive resource of high-quality evidence on all aspects of solid organ transplantation and an invaluable resource for all professionals involved.”

Sir Peter Morris AC FRS FRCs, Founder & Director, Centre for Evidence in Transplantation – Emeritus Nuffield professorUniversity of Oxford