KSR Pain Evidence

Easy access to the best available evidence in the area of Pain

Child Abuse Atlas

Recognize the anatomical issues surrounding Child Sexual Abuse


Access to all evidence-based publications on all aspects of transfusion medicine


Access to all evidence-based publications on all aspects of organ transplantation


The Child Abuse Atlas is an online educational platform that helps build skills to medically evaluate, assess, and diagnose child (sexual) abuse.  It also offers the possibility to create, upload and share your own cases for a second opinion by an outside expert, or a more formal case review.

Child Abuse Evidence is an online resource that provides easy access to the best available – and highest quality – publications on all aspects of child maltreatment. In addition, subscribers have access to 2,000+ full text review articles from The Quarterly Update journal.

The Transfusion Evidence Library is an online resource that provides easy access to all evidence-based publications on all aspects of transfusion medicine:  Systematic Reviews, Randomized Controlled Trials and relevant Health Economic Evaluations.

In addition Expert Clinical Commentaries are available for selected trials and topics.

It is a unique resource for clinicians, scientists and policy makers who are interested in the science and practice of all aspects of blood transfusion and blood alternatives.

The Transplant Library is an online resource that provides easy access to all evidence-based publications on all of aspects of organ transplantation together with Expert Reviews on current clinical trials and critical appraisals of Clinical Practice Guidelines.

The Transplant Library is developed by the Peter Morris Centre for Evidence in Transplantation (CET).

KSR Pain Evidence is a newly developed online resource tha provides easy access to – critically appraised – best available evidence on all aspects of pain: Systematic Reviews, Clinical Practice Guidelines and RCTs.  It helps users to make sense of the ever increasing volume and complexivity of available evidence.

The appraisals provide a quick “bottom line” conclusion with the key clinically relevant implications of the results reported in the article and includes information about the reliability of these results.



The Transfusion Evidence Alert keeps you informed about evidence-based articles recently included in the Transfusion Evidence Library database. We select the most important new publications from around the world and deliver them to you via an Evidence Alert.

The Transplant Evidence Alert is a free monthly overview that keeps you informed about the latest – and most important – evidence-based publications on all aspects of organ transplantation.

The Pain Evidence Alert keeps you informed about new evidence-based publications recently added to the KSR Pain Evidence database, including critical appraisals of systematic reviews and assessments of clinical practice guidelines.

Please sign up for this free monthly evidence alert.


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Evidentia Publishing

Evidentia Publishing develops high quality, evidence-based information resources for medical professionals. We are passionate about delivering the best available information to health professionals in order to promote a more evidence-based approach to clinical practice.

Publishing Partners



The CET was established at the beginning of 2005 by Professor Sir Peter Morris with the aim of providing a source of high quality evidence based information on all aspects of solid organ transplantation.

It is situated within the Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU) of The Royal College of Surgeons of England and both it and the CEU are a joint department of The Royal College of Surgeons of England and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine of the University of London, the major institute of public health in the UK.

The CEU staff includes epidemiologists, medical statisticians, information specialists and surgical research fellows and is predominantly involved in evaluating the outcomes of surgical procedures and the development of guidelines, but is also responsible for the audit of all liver and cardiothoracic transplantation in the United Kingdom.



The Transfusion Evidence Library is produced by the Systematic Review Initiative (SRI), a clinical research group established by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) in 2001 and funded through the four UK Blood Services. It is based within NHSBT’s Oxford Blood Centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital and has developed close links with both the hospital and the University of Oxford.

The primary objective of the SRI is to “develop the evidence base for the practice of transfusion medicine”. So far, we have completed more than 30 systematic reviews in the transfusion field and have undertaken several other evidence-based medicine research projects, including overviews of the use of red blood cells and fresh frozen plasma. Alongside producing systematic reviews, other core activities of the group include handsearching all transfusion-related conference proceedings and producing the Transfusion Evidence Library.

The core SRI team comprises three transfusion medicine/haematology clinicians, two information specialists and two clinical researchers. It is supported by an independent steering committee consisting of representatives from relevant professional bodies and clinical experts from the UK and North America. This committee helps the SRI to identify topics and priorities for new systematic reviews and for the Transfusion Evidence Library.

Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd

Kleijnen Systematic Reviews (KSR) Ltd is an independent research company that produces and disseminates systematic reviews, cost effectiveness analyses and health technology assessments of research evidence in health care.

KSR Ltd produces KSR Pain Evidence, which provides a user-friendly, time-efficient way to access best available evidence in pain management.  We summarise systematic reviews and meta-analyses published on the topic of pain since 2010 and provide a short, accessible “bottom line”.  Our “bottom line” gives the key clinically relevant implications of the results reported in the article and includes information about the reliability of these results. The database also includes all randomised controlled trials on the topic of pain since 2010.


Our unique, high quality evidence-based information resources have been recognized and endorsed by many professional societies, university medical centers, hospitals, blood banks and other organizations that want to provide their professionals with easy and quick access to the best available information in order to advance research and to promote a more evidence-based approach to clinical practice.

We have selected a few of our customers to give you an idea what type of institutions benefit from having access to our information resources.

UK Blood Services

Harvard Medical School – Joint Program for Transfusion Medicine

Indian Society of Transfusion Medicine

Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine

Australian Red Cross Blood Service 

Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital – Taiwan

CHAIM SHEBA Medical Center

South African National Blood Services

Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences – Tanzania

ESOT – European Society for Organ Transplantation

Hamad Medical Corporation – Qatar

Transplant Nurses Association –  Australia

Oslo University – Rigshospitalet

Texas Transplantation Society

South Australia Department of Health

Weill Cornell Medical College

Canadian Society of Transplantation

Columbia University Medical Center

Yale University / New Haven Children’s Hospital

Wayne County SAFE Program

Carilion Clinic – Forensic Nurse Examiner Program

Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Sydney Children’s Hospital – Australia

Turning Point’s – Forensic Nurse Examiner Program

I.R.C.C.S Burlo Garofolo – Italy

Memorial Hermann – Forensic Nursing Services

Texas A&M University Health Science Center – College of Nursing

Medical College of Wisconsin – Child Advocacy and Protection Services

Flinders Medical Centre – Child Protection Service, Australia

Texas Health, SANE Program